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It’s all about you! You rediscover yourself, unleash your potentials dan be the New You! – A strong motivation to me and to my clients.

Boy Henry or people called him mas Boy plunged into the field of coaching since 2019. Not to speak of he has more than 22 years experience as Trainer and Facilitator with more than 3000 training hours. 

Mas Boy dedicates himself by helping people whether executives, professionals or personal to find and unleash their potentials, therefore they can perform theirselves to the fullest.  

He uses his experience of over twenty years in a Creative Industry, the biggest Radio Network Company to develop creative-productive environment in every session he had with his client. 
With his Industrial & Organizational Psychology background, along with Public Relations Competencies, he has a solid understanding and skills dealing with people from different types of profession, educational background, culture and experiences. 

His involvement with Toastmasters International, an International Organization of Communication Skills, Public Speaking Skills and Leadership Skills, provides him with the ability to listen, question, explore, evoke and encourage people to rediscover themselves and express their best self.

Following his passion in helping the Executives, Professionals and Individuals, he specialising his services in Corporate Leadership, Career & Self-Growth Coaching.  

As a Corporate Leadership Coach, mas Boy works with middle to senior leaders to develop their leadership capabilities and explore potential opportunities to drive their performance.

As a Career Coach, mas Boy works with professionals and talents to clarify their career journey and grow continously with it. As a Self-Growth Coach, mas Boy works with individuals to identify their strengths and aspirations and generate life options that fulfil their goals.

Master Degree: Industrial & Organizational Psychology | Medan Area University
College Degree: Industrial Engineering | Sumatera Utara University

2020-Present : PR-Corporate Relations, Masima Radio Network
2018-2020     : PR-Media Relations, Masima Radio Network
2013-2018     : Senior GM, Masima Radio Network (Delta FM & Prambors MDN, BDG,
                        JOG, SBY & MKS)
2002-2013     : GM Masima Radio Network (Delta FM & Prambors MDN)
2006-Present : Trainer & Facilitator John Robert Powers (JRP) Indonesia
2000-Present : Trainer & Facilitator Radio Management Skills

Certified Executive Coach | Coaching Indonesia Academy
Certified Professional Coach | Coaching Indonesia Academy
Certified Visionary Communication Proficient | Toastmasters International
Certified Team Collaboration Proficient | Toastmasters International
Certified Management Development | Prasetiya Mulya Business School
Certified Bahavioural Analyst | Belatek Consultant

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