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My name is David Michael Baldwin I am from New Zealand but have lived across asia, in Japan, HK, Taiwan then Indonesia from 2002-2012 before moving to China 2013-2019, I can speak Bahasa, Mandarin and Limited Japanese. Growing up and working with people from different cultures has given me a great understanding and respect of cultural sensitivity and traditions, I recently returned to Indonesia to be with my 2 kids.

With a background in Psychology, Diploma in Management from Havard Business School  and a Diploma in Multimedia and Web design, I am a certified life, professional and executive coach and ICF ACC in training. 

I have extensive experience in education management, a successful track record as a leadership in roles as a service manager, project manager, national service director, general manager and recently founded my own Education Solutions firm which uses a coaching approach to help youths with their self-growth to find their passion and set goals, also young professionals, entreprenuers and executives to acheive theirs. 

My calling and passion is helping people understand their values and passion through self-awareness, challenge themselves to overcome their own limitations, help them find opportunities in any situation, build confidence and conviction to help them unleash their full potential to acheive their goals and fulfillment.


Throughout my professional career I've had the pleasure to support with the development over 1000 people from teenagers, college students, young professionals, entreprenuers, CEOs and my own staff. In return I have also been able to further develop myself and perfect my skills and coaching style which combines, creativity, curiousity, open perspective, cultural and psychological understanding, respect for ones' own values, beliefs, opinions and motivation which allows me to better help others on their journey to self-awareness, finding what matters most to them and in the process accomplish what they set out to acheive and find fulfillment for not only them but also myself when I can uncover the diamond in the rough and have a positive impact on those I am fortunate to cross paths with.

Apa kata klien

Coach David membantu saya untuk menyadari apa yg sebenarnya saya inginkan dan menuntun saya menuju apa yang menjadi tujuan saya. Ternyata, jawaban atas apa yang menjadi pertanyaan dan keraguan saya dalam mencapai tujuan ada pada diri saya sendiri namun sangat perlu coach untuk menyadari itu. Dan beruntungnya juga saya diberi bimbingan untuk mengambil langkah pertama. Terimakasih coach David terimakasih Coaching Indonesia semoga kita semua dapat menjadi bermakna ke sesama.

Agnes Aprillia Sari


Coach David has helped me tremendously to affirm my existing mindset on customer retention strategy. He helped me to expand it to areas I never thought thoroughly before. I am forever grateful.

Ichsan Tobing

Leadership, Career, Business

Coach David bantu saya temukan awareness tentang diri sya dan bantu saya mendapat pemahaman sendiri tentang apa yang bisa saya lakukan untuk lebih ngerti kenapa saya mau ubah or build certain habits. Luar biasa saya jadi tau mana yang harus saya prioritaskan berdasarkan yang bisa bantu development saya sendiri dan bedakan yang external buat senangin orang sekitar saya. Dia Juga bantu saya bikin Action Plan. ga sabar sesi berikutnya. Thank you David.


Deputy Assistant

Thank you Coach, you helped me understand what my main qualities are and how I can use them to acheive what I want to. looking forward to our next session.



Hi David, another great session, I have some idea of the conditions I need to make to navigate through the storm! See you Friday



I don't like being asked things I don't know, I want to be told first. It was a good session though Coach, you gave me some things to think about. Talk to you on Wednesday



Thanks for the session, David help me create a clear action plan, with while guiding me to set up realistic milestones and how the results I need to measure. I’ll keep you posted on the progress coach. Looking forward to the next session!



Great Session David, I see where I need to work on now!


Research Analyst

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