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Meet Boy Henry: Rediscover yourself, unleash your potentials, and become the New You!

Boy Henry, affectionately known as Coach Boy, brings over 22 years of experience as a Trainer and Facilitator to his coaching practice. His passion for helping individuals—business owners, executives, professionals, or personal—find and unleash their potentials drives his coaching journey.

Crafting Creative-Productive Environments

With a background in the Creative Industry, particularly within the largest Indonesia's Radio Network Company, Coach Boy infuses each coaching session with a creative-productive environment, fostering exploration and innovation.

Interdisciplinary Expertise

Coach Boy's background in Industrial & Organizational Psychology and proficiency in Public Relations equip him with a nuanced understanding of human behavior and communication, enabling him to engage effectively with diverse individuals.

Empowering Through Communication and Leadership

Affiliated with Toastmasters International, Coach Boy empowers individuals to rediscover themselves and express their best selves confidently, using his skills in communication, public speaking, and leadership development.

Specializations: Business Coaching, Corporate Leadership, Career & Self-Growth Coaching

Coach Boy specializes in business coaching, helping business owners revive ailing businesses or expand healthy ones. As a Corporate Leadership Coach, he collaborates with middle to senior leaders, nurturing their capabilities and identifying growth opportunities.

In his role as a Career Coach, Coach Boy guides professionals in clarifying their career trajectory and continuously evolving within it. As a Self-Growth Coach, he assists individuals in recognizing their strengths, aspirations, and life options.

Connect With Coach Boy

Ready to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment? Reach out to Coach Boy today to unlock your full potential and redefine success on your terms.

Master Degree: Industrial & Organizational Psychology | Medan Area University
College Degree: Industrial Engineering | Sumatera Utara University

2020-Present : PR-Corporate Relations, Masima Radio Network
2018-2020     : PR-Media Relations, Masima Radio Network
2013-2018     : Senior GM, Masima Radio Network (Delta FM & Prambors FM MDN, BDG, JOG, SBY & MKS)
2002-2013     : GM, Masima Radio Network (Delta FM & Prambors FM MDN)
2022-Present : Business Coach, Gratyo Business Coaching Company
2006-Present : Trainer & Facilitator, John Robert Powers (JRP) Indonesia
2000-Present : Trainer & Facilitator, Radio Management Skills

Certified Executive Coach | Coaching Indonesia Academy
Certified Professional Coach | Coaching Indonesia Academy
Certified Visionary Communication Proficient | Toastmasters International
Certified Team Collaboration Proficient | Toastmasters International
Certified Management Development | Prasetiya Mulya Business School
Certified Bahavioural Analyst | Belatek Consultant
Certified Business Coach | Gratyo Business Coaching Company
Certified Coaching Practicioner | LSP Anshana Coaching Indonesia | BNSP
Certified Master Trainer | LSP-Instruktur Kompeten Nasional | BNSP

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