Find the Right Coach in Leadership Coaching

Cakupan coaching: transformasi diri sebagai pemimpin, menjadi manajer efektif, membangun kolaborasi tim, mengelola kompleksitas, berpikir strategis, membangun visi pemimpin, mengelola perubahan.

Laurencia Lina

Laurencia Lina, PCC

Executive and Transformational Coach

As an executive coach, Lina enjoys creating reflective space for her clients allowing them to bring a deeper awareness and reconnect with their natural best....

Nirwati Yapardy

Nirwati Yapardy, ACC

Associate Certified Coach

Working as A Coach, Widyaiswara, Trainer, Facilitator, and Assessor at Training and Development and Government Management Study Center (Puslatbang KMP LAN RI). She completed her undergraduate degree a...

Gogor Ugroseno

Gogor Ugroseno, ACC

Leadership, Life and Career Coach

Facilitating learning, talent development, and HR management within companies for 16 years and serving consultations with coaching since 2016 as Certified Professional Coach for Leadership / Corporate...

Hillman Akil

Hillman Akil, CEC

Executive, Innovation & Transformation Accelerator Coach

Certified Executive Coach for Leadership & Self-Empowerment | Senior Engineering Advisor | Master Scuba Diver Trainer (MSDT)   Certified Executive Coach develops potential, i...

Ananda Prilianti

Ananda Prilianti, ACC

Corporate Leadership Coach

Corporate professional coach, loving mom and busy wife. Passionate in helping people to pause and reconnect with themselves to unleash their potential through finding purpose in leadership, career and...

Juliana Pandji

Juliana Pandji, CBC

Transformational Coach

Former Banquet Director at Hotel Borobudur Jakarta. Former Operational Director of PT. Pantara Wisata Jaya. PT Pantara Wisata Jaya menaungi beberapa Resort antara lain Pulau Seribu Marine Resort, Mat...

Adi Ricky Kuswandi

Adi Ricky Kuswandi, ACC

Executive Coaching

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Wawang Sukmoro, CEC

Wawang Sukmoro, CEC, CPC

Leadership & Self Growth

Wawang Sukmoro memiliki pengalaman 25 tahun lebih dalam bidang bisnis dan dunia Manufacturing dan Supply Chains Operations. Tiga keahlian yang sangat menonjol yaitu kepemimpinan, produktivitas, dan pe...

Putu Hartana Wijaya,M.M.

Putu Hartana Wijaya,M.M., CEC

Executive, Leadership and Career Coach

Putu is very people oriented, sociable, fun, empathetic, likes to develop, and encourages people to become more successful workers/leaders....


Budiastuti, CPC

Career & Leadership Coach

R.E. Budiastuti is a marketing communication and branding expert. Her  22 years of experiences has brought her into a wider horizon with a borderless point of view and cross cultural logic.She is...

Budhi Martono

Budhi Martono, ACC

Career, Leadership Coach

Budhi Martono atau lebih sering dipanggil Oni, sudah mengalami perjalanan panjang selama 30 tahun sebagai Engineer dan juga Eksekutif di dunia Alat Berat. Di 5 tahun terakhir masa baktinya, Oni mengen...

M Nur Fannie Prasetyo

M Nur Fannie Prasetyo, PCC

Leadership, Career & Business Coach

My name is Mokhammad Nur Fannie Prasetyo you can call me Prast. My daily activity is helping people to get awareness, new mindset, new behavior and best version as well. I am a Professional Coach. I ...