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About David Baldwin

My name is David Michael Baldwin I am from New Zealand but have lived across asia, in Japan, HK, Taiwan then Indonesia from 2002-2012 before moving to China 2013-2019, I can speak Bahasa, Mandarin and Limited Japanese. Growing up and working with people from different cultures has given me a great understanding and respect of cultural sensitivity and traditions, I recently returned to Indonesia to be with my 2 kids.

With a background in Psychology, Diploma in Management from Havard Business School  and a Diploma in Multimedia and Web design, I am a certified life, professional and executive coach and ICF ACC in training. 

I have extensive experience in education management, a successful track record as a leadership in roles as a service manager, project manager, national service director, general manager and recently founded my own Education Solutions firm which uses a coaching approach to help youths with their self-growth to find their passion and set goals, also young professionals, entreprenuers and executives to acheive theirs. 

My calling and passion is helping people understand their values and passion through self-awareness, challenge themselves to overcome their own limitations, help them find opportunities in any situation, build confidence and conviction to help them unleash their full potential to acheive their goals and fulfillment.


Throughout my professional career I've had the pleasure to support with the development over 1000 people from teenagers, college students, young professionals, entreprenuers, CEOs and my own staff. In return I have also been able to further develop myself and perfect my skills and coaching style which combines, creativity, curiousity, open perspective, cultural and psychological understanding, respect for ones' own values, beliefs, opinions and motivation which allows me to better help others on their journey to self-awareness, finding what matters most to them and in the process accomplish what they set out to acheive and find fulfillment for not only them but also myself when I can uncover the diamond in the rough and have a positive impact on those I am fortunate to cross paths with.

Bachelor's degree in psychology

EF english trainer 2007-2009

Founder of PT NUSA MITRA AGRITAMA 2010-present

ALC (American language centre) English specialist and curriculum coordinator - mostly adult business engliah 2010-2013

Service manager for WSE China Suzhou 2013-19

Project manager and General manager for WSE Indonesia Surabaya 2019-2020

Generel manager for Addededucation (formerly addedsport) Indonesia and Philipine region 2020-2020

Founder of Didikanku 2021-present

120 hr TESL Certification

IELTS Trainer certified

Fundamentals of management and selfawareness

Project management certification

Lifecoach certification

Professional Coach Certification

Executive coach certification

Founder of PT MKC

Sonia wibisono


Ramses Wardana

Vladimir Hidajat


Warung turky

Pt Pertamina training center

Menteri keuangan

Menteri perikanan dan kelautan


Samsung training


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