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Jeffrey Kie

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With over 25 years of experience in the Life Insurance industry, Jeffrey has established a remarkable career as an agency builder, agency manager, and Chief Agency Officer. Known for his deep expertise and strategic vision, He has become a leading figure in sales and performance coaching and mentoring.

Throughout his career, Jeffrey has consistently demonstrated an ability to build and manage high-performing agencies, driving significant growth and achieving outstanding results. His comprehensive understanding of strategic planning, team development, and performance optimization makes him a trusted advisor and leader in the field.

As a coach and mentor, Jeffrey is passionate about unlocking the full potential of individuals and teams. His approach, grounded in practical experience and tailored strategies, emphasizes continuous improvement and excellence. Jeffrey specializes in:

Sales Coaching: Enhancing sales techniques, strategies, and performance to exceed targets.
Performance Coaching: Identifying and addressing barriers to peak performance, fostering a culture of excellence.
Mentorship: Providing personalized guidance and support to help professionals navigate their career paths and achieve their goals.
Jeffrey believes in the power of strategic thinking, relentless improvement, and the importance of building strong, cohesive teams. His mission is to empower others to achieve their highest potential and drive sustainable success in the competitive world.

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