Executive and Transformational Coach

Laurencia Lina, PCC

Leadership, Self-Growth, Wellness Coaching

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About Laurencia Lina

As an executive and transformational coach, Lina enjoys creating reflective space for her clients allowing them to bring a deeper awareness and reconnect with their natural best.

Lina’s expertise in Emotional Intelligence and Human Transformation enables her to blend systemic thinking in coaching with psychological dimension of human being to help executives and leaders understand complexities of corporate world and yet achieve clarity on what they can do to succeed in their direction.

Prior to becoming a coach, Lina worked for 15 years in various roles in a multi national technology company. This corporate experience has shaped her leadership style and interpersonal skills along with rich learning experience in marketing strategy, business development, and customer relationship.

Since 2011 she has dedicated her time to create more impact on people through coaching profession.

She blends the art and science of coaching to help corporate leaders become aware of parallel aspects that influence their decisions about people and business.  

As a result, not only performance is achieved but also engagement quality between individuals in the workplace is equally improved.

Coaching Expertise

In the field of corporate and executive coaching, Lina specialises her expertise in the areas of:

- Mindset and behavioral change
- Communication and interpersonal skills
- Developing core strengths
- Developing inspirational leadership
- High performance collaboration
- Building coaching culture

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Laurencia Lina is available to coach you in:

4 session
29 Oct 2020 - 31 Dec 2021
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