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About Pramwidya Novia

Working for more than 7 years in the field of Career Management and Leadership Development, Pramwidya Novia, or in short Widya, has experienced with various dynamics in career development and leadership development. Starting from her first research during undergraduate regarding the role of social support in adolescent career decision-making, Widya developed an interest in the world of careers and decided to pursue a career in this field until now.

For approximately 6 years of experience, Widya has served many people through career and competence coaching, as well as employee counseling. Her consulting and coaching skills are also honed through her involvement in various cross-cultural projects. In 2019, she took a Master's degree in Business Psychology at The University of Queensland which has helped her broaden the perspective on how business and people can collaborate with each other for mutual success. By upholding the values
​​of partnership, Widya can help each individual to develop a career at any age, self-marketing support for people who are looking for work, coaching in job search techniques, and workshops to increase personal effectiveness.

Meanwhile, organizations can consult to design career development or self-development programs, leadership programs, coaching and mentoring programs, and receive support on employee counseling in the process of organizational restructuring and redundancy or outplacement programs.

Some topics that you can discuss and Widya has expertise in are including:
1. Career managament
2. Career mobility
3. Career choice
4. Competency related issues
5. Study abroad preparation
6. Career decision making
7. Emotions regulation at the workplace
8. Self-management
9. Employee well-being
10. Job interviews and preparation

You only have yourself to stand up. Invest more on yourself, have a compassion and understanding, believe in yourself more, and see that you are powerful enough to face the world.

Bachelor in Psychology, University of Indonesia

Master of Business Psychology, The University of Queensland, Australia

Career Management Analyst at Kementerian Keuangan 

Internal Counselor at Kementerian Keuangan

Australia Awards Scholarships Awardee (2017)

Culture & Learning Journey Team at Telkomsel Indonesia

Human Resource Transformation Team at The University of Queensland

Human Resource Recruiting Specialist at Citibank, NA

Student Counselor Politeknik Negeri Jakarta

Workplace Counseling Training
Professional Certified Coach
Certified Professional Talent Management
Assessment Center Assessor Certification
Mental Health First Aider Australia

Pramwidya Novia is available to coach you in:

4 session
29 Oct 2020 - 31 Aug 2021
Rebound Yourself in Career, Business, and Life

Rebound Yourself in Career, Business, and Life

Rebound Yourself merupakan layanan program coaching bagi Anda yang menginginkan pengembangan di area pekerjaan, karir, bisnis, dan aspek kehidupan lainnya. Masukkan detil di bawah ini untuk mendapatkan 1 kali sesi FREE coaching bersama coach pilihan Anda:

3 session
7 Aug 2021 - 31 Dec 2021
Quarter Life Breakthrough

Quarter Life Breakthrough

Atasi krisis Quarter Life. Ciptakan terobosan di kehidupanmu. Dapatkan 1 kali FREE session dari coach pilihan kamu!


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