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Rainer Abraham Purba, CPC

Leadership, Career, Self-Growth Coaching

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About Rainer Abraham Purba

Be a person who aims high, be the change and give positive impact to your surroundings is Rainer's motto.

Since in college, Rainer has been a leader in many occassions. Being a leader means being there for his surroundings, be it his friends, his subordinates, or his superiors. A good leader must be able to understand the needs of the people whom he leads, then try to lead the people together to bring positive impact and move forward to a better future. As he excercises to be a good leader, he also exercises his ability to be a good coach.

Being able to help people by listening to their problems and making an open discussion to figure out any solutions has been one of Rainer's virtue, which enables him to be a good coach.

His work experience allows him to give deeper understanding to each person's character, and helps him to give different approach based on the person's personality to get the best outcome that is beneficial to the clients.

With his interest in helping young people to develop a good mindset, he aims to be a career and relationship coach, especially for young people. He believes that the future will be brighter if we can prepare and shape a better young generation.

Coaching Style

"Let me be your friend, and we'll talk about anything you want" is the principle held by Rainer.
In order to get the best outcome, coach and coachee (client) need to be open and freely discuss the issue, therefore Rainer always try his best to be friendly and listen actively with no judgement to make client comfortable in discussing anything the client wants to discuss.

Coaching Expertise

Rainer specialises his expertise in the area of:
- Developing and performing leadership
- Developing growth mindset
- Communication and interpersonal skills
- Career building


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