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Supriadi Hardianto M.Psi. Psikolog, CEC, CEC

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About Supriadi Hardianto M.Psi. Psikolog, CEC

Supriadi usually called Kang Ucup. Apart from being a Life Coach, he also has a career as an HR Professional. He loves helping his clients to make a significant difference in their worlds. That is why he completed his Master degree in Psychology at Gadjah Mada University and earned a double degree as Master in Clinical Psychology and Professional Psychologist.

His love for the world of personal development led him to complete professional development in the field of Transpersonal Psychology at the Psychopolitical Peace Institute, where he studied to become a transpersonal practitioner and at the same time completed the Trainer of Trainer in Transpersonal Psychology. Since 2009 he has been pursuing the world of transpersonal psychology and has elaborated his knowledge and expertise into the practice of psychology and coaching.

His unique approach in coaching is to bring a spiritual context to the client’s own lives, and make a difference in work, society, and the world at large. It can be seek a career change, leadership growth, some want to do what they do from a different context – beyond conflict, beyond blame – bringing compassion and an open heart to their worlds.

Kang ucup believe, that we need to transform ourselves and our own histories and learn different ways to be with ourselves and in relationship to others. This is an inner journey of development, a journey to evoke the person that I really am!. His Coaching paradigm based on what is emerging in terms of aspiration and serving humanity as a whole.

If you are seeking guidance, connection, and clarity through big life transitions; loss/completion/dark nights of the soul; discovering your true self and work, stepping into your power, or integrating psychoenergetic journeys, I offer support. As your coach as you excavate a deep personal knowledge of your true self and explore ways to align self with the right work enjoying some fun along the way.


Supriadi Hardianto M.Psi. Psikolog, CEC is available to coach you in:

4 session
29 Oct 2020 - 31 Dec 2021
Rebound Yourself in Career, Business, and Life

Rebound Yourself in Career, Business, and Life

Rebound Yourself merupakan layanan program coaching bagi Anda yang menginginkan pengembangan di area pekerjaan, karir, bisnis, dan aspek kehidupan lainnya. Masukkan detil di bawah ini untuk mendapatkan 1 kali sesi FREE coaching bersama coach pilihan Anda:

3 session
7 Aug 2021 - 31 Dec 2021
Quarter Life Breakthrough

Quarter Life Breakthrough

Atasi krisis Quarter Life. Ciptakan terobosan di kehidupanmu. Dapatkan 1 kali FREE session dari coach pilihan kamu!


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