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Theresia Yuliana, CEC

Leadership, Wellness, Parenting Coaching

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About Theresia Yuliana

Theresia has a finance educational background with multinational company experienced in sales and marketing as well as financial planning and analysis. Having now had close to 20 years in business activities and operations, especially in packaging and chemical industry, she retains the eagerness to keep learning about how to improve her leadership and management skills. She has much experience in the entire operation of business from getting the order, production planning to customer payment collection and has managed projects. She had solid experience on built sustained B to B professional relationships with customers, especially a Global Key Account customers, across the Asia Pacific region. She experience on managing and leading a small team, including mentoring, and coaching each team member. She is also a successful inter-departmental mediator. She used to live in Singapore and acquired the cultural competence required for effective communication and relationship building.

Having own experienced in the use of Satir’s beliefs, and NLP application on improving her communication skills, personal transformation and career development. Practising regular self reflection which restore her to unleash her talent and potential, with a strong sense of restorative and reframing process, in order to actualize her ideas and visions that liberate and influence her own identity and strength, brought her to the core on the importance of facilitated other's whom may have similar path of life as her. While she may not able to help her own mom, whom raised her as single mom after her dad passed away, She hoped that she can help others, whom their partner departed too soon to rebuild their parenting role. Loves on journal writing and taking random pictures that triggered her "AHA" moments. Building her Wellness practise since 5 years ago, to balance her professionally and personally life, as well as sustaining her healthy mind and  building her healthy body. 


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