How Brave Leaders Bounce-back when Career & Business are not Perfect
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How Brave Leaders Bounce-back when Career & Business are not Perfect

Leaders – We are now approaching the end of 2020 and I know, when this year began, many of you had so many hopes and goals that you planned to stay on top of.

And then … 2020 happened and you know the rest of the story.

You have millions of choices to respond to this situation. However, you need to be vulnerable and be ready in the arena to see what’re options do you have and brave to take it to disrupt yourself to be better and more resilient.

Let’s deep-dive.

1. Attention to your brain

The brain is the only organ in our body that is able to control us as human beings. Research shows our brain constantly rewiring and updating itself based on past experiences to project future expectations. Some activities like exercise, mindfulness training and a solid support system (i.e. have regular coaching sessions) are helping to rewire your brain and solid growth factors to control yourself and be more resilient.   

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2. Control what you can control

Be realistic, you cannot control everything in your life – the traffic, weather, and spreading of the covid-19, etc. you simply cannot control all of them, but on the other hand, you have absolute control to respond to it. In life, it will be thousands of events happen and it gets you stronger with each failure or obstacle. Brave leaders are a believer that they can control important events in their life, even if slapped with the setback.

3. Be the owner of your success

The key-word here is a Reflection. A question like, do you realize that you did the same thing over and over again even when it did not work? Do you have other options to make it works? Typically, brave leaders regularly “taking back my life” by allocating their time to stop & think and write a journal to re-identify what’s good to keep going or take a different route, if something out of their control. They are taking seriously this reflection activity, including re-look again their skills, knowledge as well as their mental-blocks to come back stronger and successful.

4. Spotlight your zone of competence

Once, you able to claim ownership of your competence zone, it will be light for you to let go of those areas in which you were not as competent. Most of the time, the brave leaders searching for meaning, listen deeply to their voice inside of their heart to give them a clear sense of purpose.  

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