Being In a Crowd, Yet Feels Lonely?
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Being In a Crowd, Yet Feels Lonely?

Have you ever feel you do not belong in a certain place? That although you are actually in the middle of a crowd, yet you feel totally alone? Your thoughts are playing clips of the lonely times, the friends whom you never talk to anymore, the loved ones who live in their own bubble, and on and on and on, then you decide to look at your handphone and entertain yourself in the attempt to forget everything.

But, without you knowing, the old memories that you brought up, the feelings that attached to that were stored back automatically in your sub-consciousness, making these lonely feelings settled deeper and deeper in your heart.

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As you read this, try to imagine seeing yourself in this situation. See your self as the CCTV-person, watching yourself from a certain angle above you when you are sitting in public transport by yourself. Try to see how your face looks like, did you look happy? Were you smiling? Smiles will brighten your day, people say, and it is forever true.

Try to remember people that have helped you on that day, the beautiful things you see on that day, the small little things that made you smile. Maybe, the chance to have this new day? A lot of people did not have that chance. Try to look around you and put your interest to other people. You may see one or even more things that you are thankful that you still have compared to others that share that rides with you.

Don't let your mind pull you into a pit of loneliness. Reach out to someone, call your family, knock at your neighbor's house, starts a conversation with people. Buy a pet. Loneliness is not a reality. It is a situation that you LET YOURSELF into. As long as you are not leaving in some faraway jungle or on an exile there are opportunities to enjoy a company.

Even being with yourself is fine from time-to-time, trust me, I am mom of three.

Let's chat over a good cup of tea, a good start for friendship

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