To Live is to Suffer, to Thrive is to Find Meaning in Suffering
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To Live is to Suffer, to Thrive is to Find Meaning in Suffering

When there's a Why! the How will come!

Let me begin by sharing my empathy for those who are suffering now and also give encouragement. We have been through a lot, especially since COVID-19 came along. It disrupted many lives, and in some instances, it even took those we love from us. We have lost many of our normality's, jobs, opportunities, friends we would travel abroad to meet, how we conduct business and how we live our lives have changed dramatically.

Yet, here we are! Some more resilient than others, and others more fearful or suffering than others. Why is that mean? Well, that comes down to how strong your WHY is! Those with a strong will and tenacity have strong reason to hold on to that WHY! That reason is what they do, and so they do what to do to figure out how to thrive through their suffering.

One might say that without suffering we won't experience civilization today. Almost every day we suffer, yet we learn how to deal with it. For example, you might feel you're suffering as you're stuck in traffic late for an important meeting, or it could be a natural disaster that has taken away all you have. Suffering comes in many shapes and forms.

I have clients that I if I told you their suffering you might not feel as bad about yours, lost loved ones, income, health. I have suffered recently. I had COVID-19 and some complications that came with it. I was in a bad state at that time. However, if you ask me or my clients whether we would have it any other way, for example, if we could go back in the past and avoid that suffering.

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I can tell you now with confidence that they (myself included) would all say N to the O NO! I have learned so much and become a stronger individual so did my clients. They have learned new skills, implicated new systems, and become better people through their suffering! I feel like I've been born anew.

I fear not for what I don't know. I have found new knowledge that takes me to know myself better than before. 

There's a saying what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, and this is a false message of what people tell themselves when they are suffering. Now, while there is some truth behind this saying depending on the situation, for example, if a drug-addicted nearly overdosed but then went right back to using drugs, would this make that person stronger? 

If a person loses their lively hood and then falls into depression, does that make them stronger? Of course not. The only thing that will make you stronger is your WHY, your REASON. It will encourage you to challenge death, look him in the eye and say NOT TODAY. Today I will keep my will to live strong! I will learn how to avoid being killed altogether and still become stronger.

Let your purpose be your driving force. Be bold so the strength will come to your side. Do the right thing, stay curious, keep on developing yourself. Listen to what people say and learn from them. Do this with a sense of responsibility to be responsible for yourself. See the WHY for you to figure out the HOW, then the who, the when, and the where.

Embrace the fact that to live is to suffer. Without some degree of suffering, we would not evolve. We would become lost and listless. We would not feel the need to better ourselves, then become complacent and stagnant to the point of being motionless and lifeless! So don't allow yourself to despise your situation or those that might have made you suffer. Be of good courage and be brave. Let your suffering be your strength!

Are you or is someone you know suffering? Help them! Remind them of their WHY! Then guide them to the HOW. Make suffering your motivation, and don't forget to surround yourself with people who can encourage you, lift you, find your WHY, or perhaps even be your WHY!

Let not your suffering be for nothing, let it be your strength and your shield to wield.

If ever you feel like your suffering is unbearable and you feel like you can't take it anymore, contact me let me be your guide to finding your WHY and I will turn your suffering into a gift like no other!

I only hope that whoever reads this can find some hope in their suffering and strive to thrive!

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