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What is Happiness?

According to Merriam-Website definition, happiness is a state of well-being and contentment. The keywords here is : "being well" and "content"

Happiness in my opinion is two of these below:

1. Ability to refuse negative thoughts to ruin your mood

We often recall some unpleasant memories when we come across a place, an event, or someone. Recalling these past experiences also brings up the memory of negative emotions attached to them. It can be a feeling of anger, sadness, disappointment, etc. Then suddenly, we start to feel unhappy. If we continue to ponder about it, soon these memories become our present mood, become our state of mind.

We need to recognize these unpleasant memories when they start to enter our conscious mind so that we can catch them and decide not to let them ruin the mood. Then we choose other thoughts that are more uplifting to replace these unpleasant ones.  

Baca juga Pentingnya Menemukan Kedamaian Diri

For example, we were browsing Instagram, and we came across a post with inappropriate comments. Our mind automatically recalls unpleasant experience related to that post or unpleasant experience with the writer itself. When we realize we are thinking this way, we can brush it off, and decide to not thinking about this further, and move on to another more important thing to think of. 

But in reality, we sometimes are not able to recognize this unpleasant memories with their emotions attached to them, and rather let our self to be carried away with this feelings. Ruining our mood. Giving away our happiness. 

2. Ability to return to the present state, and be thankful for what we already have

After our mind receives much information, plus with all the memories that relate to it, we sometimes got carried away with the bad news, unpleasant moments, all the obstacles we face that day, many things to do, many things to remember, etc piling up ... That's the time we need to snap back, returning to our present states.

Get a grip and see where we at, and how we can keep our state of well-being and contentment. To have a stable present state, the suggestion is:

a. Be thankful for what we already have

b. Appreciate yourself on what you have accomplished-

c. Let go of those things that are beyond your control

d. Check whether you have over

e. Expectation on yourself, someone else, situation, or anything. 

If you are curious about how to keep a 'state of well-being and contentment' and wish to learn more about it, I am happy to share the knowledge and experiences with you. Be kind to yourself, it is all that you have forever. You are more than you think you are.

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